David Schoales Vision for VermontDave is already an active leader on issues that matter to the community. Dave’s experience from decades of public service has led him to conclude that the greatest threat to our future is the continuing growth of the number of families living in poverty.  Recently this had been exacerbated by the growing abuse of heroin and other opioids.

We need real research-based solutions to this current opiate epidemic, focusing on the children that are on the front lines of this national problem.  This and the costs to our communities of poverty in general has led to the high taxes that are making Vermont unaffordable.  We must create a vision for our economy that brings about new opportunities for all people.

If elected to the State Senate, Dave is determined to improve the coordination, effectiveness, and efficiency of state agencies in fighting the effects of poverty.  Schools, human services providers, police and corrections services, community colleges, child care programs, employment and job training programs, housing, hunger, and drug/alcohol abuse programs, economic development efforts, and many other individuals and organizations all over the county and state are committed to helping families find a path out of poverty.  These efforts need to be coordinated and focused on surrounding families with services so we are not just applying bandages, or giving people a fish to eat.  We need to be treating the root causes of the disease of poverty. We need to teach people how to fish- to give them the support they need to become able to support themselves and their families.  Our current system is not a system- it is a series of activities that need to be coordinated into an effective system.  There are examples in our towns and other regions where progress is being made.

We have to break down silos to improve communication and collaboration.  We need to look at the entire system and develop a clear strategy.  We need to try different things that have been proven successful in other communities.